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Alcad CA642 Headend Amplifier

Product Code: ALCCA642
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Broadband amplifier for head-end, with four inputs and different frequency configurations, compatible with the transmission of LTE800 mobile telephone signals. The built-in power supply unit can feed a 24V preamplifier by means of a switch. Optional external power supply for for use in the absence of mains power. Output test-point to adjust the installation without having to disconnect the TV signal.


Large-scale digital and analogue MATV installations which are affected by the transmission of LTE800 mobile telephone signals. Suitable for installations where the channels of each band are received at similar levels. Adjustment by means of switches and regulators which control the gain at each input.


Made from zamak and galvanised steel plate to provide maximum shielding. Input and output connectors in the opposite sides to facilitate installation. F-type connectors.

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