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Front Assembly EURO TH35 380mm

Product Code: RACKBOARD1
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RACKBOARDS allow installers to make use both of the front and side surfaces of 19" RACK cabinets, which are accessible after dismantling the side walls. The solution enables unprecedented volume filling factor of the cabinets, while maintaining good access to all signal distribution devices, with proper ventilation, connection transparency, application of patch panels to connect all inbound and outbound cables. All the features make it easy for technicians to diagnose the network during operation.

RACKBOARD1 is a EURO TH35 rail with a length of 380 mm, receding by 100 mm in relation to the front of the RACK cabinet. The element is made of hard aluminum (PA11) sheet with 2 mm thickness. The maximum allowable load, with evenly distributed devices, is 12 kg. The kit includes four caged nuts for mounting the element in the cabinet.

RACKBOARD1 is front mounted and used for installing devices on EURO TH35 DIN rail in a RACK cabinet.

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