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Labgear Group A 12-25dB Variable

Product Code: LABAMPA
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Labgear LMA125A Variable Gain Masthead Amplifier - Group A signal only

The Labgear LMA125A is a variable gain masthead amplifier designed specifically to optimise reception in areas using Group A signals.

As well as preventing out of band, Tetra and LTE interference, the concentration of amplification within the Group A bandwidth ensures maximum quality of signal from those channels.

Variable control of the signal gain from 12dB to 25dB means that there is no need to have two different amplifiers in stock. The LMA125A caters for all situations where Group A is required.

LMA125A has all the usual Labgear features to make installation easier, simplify fault diagnosis and deliver a durable, quality solution, including:

• A sturdy metal mast clamp instead of a plastic cable tie

• LED power indication which assists fault diagnosis

• Tilt-out module for easier cable connection

• F-type connectors for better matching and security

• Solid housing with weatherproof seal

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