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Anttron TRM64 Compact Headend

Product Code: ANTTRM64
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Product Details

The Anttron TRM64 is based on the modular rack system DTVRack, using a combinaion of modules in one closed housing, providing users with a practical compact headend.

This allows your customers to select a handy compact product for a specific function.

The modules used in the TRM64 allows five satellite transponders to be trans-modulated in DVBT or DVBC and delivered via 4 adjacent DVB-T channels.

Careful selection of the multiplexes will provide 20 quality and popular channels, suitable for many situations including hotels, nursing homes, B and B’s etc.

The output of 95dBmV will adequately distribute signals throughout many small installations. or in large installations a launch amplifier such as the Alcad Everest can be used giving a total output of 125dBmV.

The modules can be configured to provide some obscure channels, although this may reduce the number of channels available due to the lack of channels available on some multiplexes.

There is an HDMI input which can be used to add a HDMI source, such as a satellite receiver or a DVD player.

There is also a USB socket which can be used to add a .ts file.

TRM64 requires 5 inputs satellite inputs, obtainable from an Octo LNB or a multiswitch. THe DVB-T accepts your local DVB-T broadcast from your aerial and combines it with the output channelx.

We supply the TRM64 programmed to your requirement or with our standard list of 20 channels, or with your specified channels.

Alternatively, you can use the DTVIFace software which allows you to :

  • Configure your headend in real-time
  • Backup and load configurations
  • One-click HTML reports of your headend
  • DTVIFace Remote - Control your headend online from anywhere

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