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Labgear UK Socket Tester

Product Code: MTR495
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Product Details

UK Socket Tester

A compact tester allowing instant fault diagnosis on UK mains sockets. Ideal for safely testing new installations.

  • Detects 13 common wiring fault conditions as well as correctly wired sockets
  • Logical ‘Green for go’ LED indication
  • Won’t trip RCD thanks to improved circuitry
  • Indicates Mains line/neutral swap at supply

Wiring Status Indicated: Correct

L- E reverse

L- N – E miswire

L- N reverse

L- N – E miswire Faulty N/L-E miswire Faulty N/E miswire Faulty N

Faulty N/L – E reverse Faulty E/L – N reverse Faulty E

Faulty E/N miswire Faulty E/L – N miswire No mains


Suitable for testing 220-240V~50/60Hz mains sockets only. Will not detect Neutral/Earth reversal.

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