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5G Filter LTE700 Alcad Outdoor Thru Power

Product Code: ALCFR900
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ALCAD Outdoor 5G Filter

Rejection filter for mast, cutting out interference from LTE700, LTE800, GSM and TETRA mobile phone signals. It incorporates a DC path to allow power to be supplied to a preamplifier.

Suitable for individual and collective terrestrial TV installations affected by the transmission of LTE700 and LTE800 mobile phone signals in the 703-862 MHz band, and by the transmission of GSM and TETRA signals in the 870-960 MHz band. The filter eliminates interference signals before amplification of the TV signals in the head-end of the installation, obtaining a rejection in the LTE700 and LTE800 band of up to -60dB.


Shielded zamak chassis, covered by a weather-resistant plastic casing. Easy to open and close, the chassis can be tilted to facilitate manipulation. The filter can be installed either on a mast, by means of a polyamide clamp, or on a wall. Resistant to sun and water (IP53). F-type connector.

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