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Labgear Masthead Amp PSU

Product Code: LABPSUFC
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Product Details

Labgear Compact Power Supply 300mA 12V DC

The PSUFC is a 12VDC regulated power supply ideal for powering any masthead amplifier, or a number of masthead amplifiers in cascade, or other line powered amplifiers providing the total current demand is not more than 300mA.

  • The power supply complies with the ErP (Energy Related Products) Directive.
  • DC output: 12VDC – Voltage tolerance 5% – Current 300mA max
  • Connector type: Type-F (female) IEC60169-24
  • Signal frequency range: 5…1000MHz
  • Signal insertion loss: 0.5dB
  • Power requirement under load: 230V~50Hz max. 5W
  • Power requirement under no load: 230V~50Hz at <0.3W
  • Power indicator: Green LED
  • Operating Temperature: 0…40ºC
  • Width: 35.5mm
  • Depth: 60.5mm
  • Height: 24.7mm

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