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Video & Power over Coax 16 Channel

Product Code: ETRPOCP204
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Product Details

Etrix 4CH Video & Power Transmitter/Receiver

The ETRPOCP204 video and power transmitter/receiver set is used to power four security cameras with 12 VDC voltage over four coaxial cables (max load in one channel: 1 A) and transmit/receive the composite video signals from the cameras over the same 75 ohm coaxial cables (RG-59 or higher quality) at a distance up to 800 m. The maximum distance of 800 m has been reached with the use of Triset-113 cables.

The kit includes:

  • (A) - central unit - AC/DC adapter integrated with 4-port DC injector / video receiver,
  • (B) - four video transmitters / power converters (each placed by a camera) ,
  • (C) - AC power cord,
  • (D) - dedicated D-Sub/4xBNC cable for connecting the central unit with a DVR.

Operating principle

The central unit (A) injects the supply voltage from the integrated AC/DC adapter into the coaxial cables, via the CH1...CH4 connectors. The units (B) separate and regulate the output voltage for the CCTV cameras (12 VDC standard) and add the video signals to the transmission lines. The video signals are transmitted over the same cables to the central unit (A) that conveys them through the cable (D) to a DVR.

The Etrix PoC-P204 set can be used for 4 analog PAL cameras with 12 VDC supply voltage and current consumption up to 1 A (each camera). In short, the coaxial cables carry the power from the AC/DC adapter to the cameras and the video from the cameras to a DVR.


  • No substitutes can be used for any component of the original set!

  • The transmission lines between the (A) and (B) units (coaxial cables) cannot contain any additional devices (video splitters, amplifiers etc).

  • The set is intended only for coaxial cables with copper core.
  • The components are designed for indoor use only and have to be protected from moisture and dust.
  • The air vents of the central unit (A) cannot be blocked or covered by any obstacles.

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