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Fibre Optic HDMI Lead 30 M 4K No Loss

Product Code: LABHFE30
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Product Details

30m HDMI V2.0 Fibre-optic Extender, 4K, 18GBps, Detatchable Head

  • Active optical cable supports 18GBps bandwidth and [email protected] (4:4:4) resolutions up to 100m
  • Plug and play, powered from source with auto EDID
  • Hybrid Fibre Optic Cable is composed of 4x optical fibre cables carrying video and audio and 7x bare copper cables carrying power and non-video data
  • Support HDCP2.2/CEC/EDID/HDR/ARC/3D
  • Electronics in the connectors converts HDMI to optical / optical to HDMI

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