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Anntron TRM94 Compact Headend

Product Code: ANTTRM94
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Anntron Preset Channel List (PDF file, 471.59K)

Product Details

Anntron TRM94 Compact satellite headend

4 inputs from a standard quad LNB, split internally to feed 8 satellite tuners provides a selection o channels from 8 different muxes.

When configured for maximum effect in Ireland it provides up to 24 mainstresm channels.

The HDMI input allows to connect a receiver or other source to provide an additional channel.

The output is on 4 adjacent DVB-T2 channels (muxes) which must be consecutive. They can be located anywhere in the UHF band in order to facilitate local terrestrial transmissions.

Terrestrial signals can be looped through or combined with the output.

The output level of 90dBmV is adequate for most small compact installations.

For larger installations we reccomend use of the Alcad CA664 launch amplifier.

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