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Stalflex 6U 450mm Rack Cabinet

Product Code: STA6U-450
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Product Details

RACK cabinet 6U 450mm

STALFLEX's Hanging cabinet is a perfect solution for installation, organization and storage of:

  • IT equipment
  • Monitoring devices
  • Alarm systems
  • TV networks
  • Local LAN networks
  • All the other devices in non-standard housings and in any complex configuration.

The new STALFLEX series of rack cabinets is distinguished by an extremely easy and intuitive assembly, which definitely simplifies the installatio process and makes them uncompetitive to the alternative products offered by other manufacturers!

Functionality of the cabinets combined with solid execution of the STALFLEX's team makes this product ideally suited for protection of delicate devices against external factors and accidental mechanical damage.

Triple broken cable gland.

An unquestionable advantage of STALFLEX rack cabinets is an easy-to-break out plug for cabling in their lower and upper part (each with dimensions: 80 mm x 50 mm /-1/2 mm).

This gives various possibilities for cable entry while ensuring convenient wiring installation and easy, correct assembly of any devices.

Construction that allows the installation of a fan!

In the lower and upper part of the cabinet there is a dedicated space for a fan with dimensions: 120 mm x 120 mm (bolt spacing: 105 mm x 105 mm).

Doors easy to assemble.

Additional installation comfort is ensured by the easy-to-install door with the option of choosing (right / left). The doors are closed with a patent lock, in the kit with a set of two keys.

The depth level of front brackets can be adjusted!

In order to ensure maximum freedom in arranging the internal space of the cabinet, the two front brackets are connected to its body by means of screws. It is a solution that allows mounting the brackets at one of three depth levels (spacing of the mounting holes every 30 mm).

Ventilation holes.

The 6U cabinet is equipped with additional ventilation holes in the upper and lower parts of the cabinet from the front and sides, which cause the air circulation inside the cabinet smooth.

Specially designed space for convenient assembly of devices.

The interior of the cabinet is designed in such a way that after mounting the shelf with the maximum permissible depth, there still is free space inside:

  • about 30 mm in its rear part - developed specifically to facilitate the installation of wiring,
  • about 60 mm in its front part - to enable safe insertion of eg Ethernet connectors, or fiber optics.

An additional advantage of the Stalflex rack cabinet is the lack of a back wall, which facilitates free use of its internal space.

Easy Instalation!

The product is intended for self-assembly. By purchasing this product, you get a complete assembly kit with the exact instructions and accessories necessary for proper assemble of the cabinet. Thanks to uncomplicated design, Stalflex's rack cabinets are extremely easy, fast and intuitive to install.

Secure delivery and solid product packaging!

We pay special attention to the reliable, safe and aesthetic packaging of our products. That is why, in order to minimize the risk of damage to the shipment during transport, each of our products is carefully packed in a dedicated box made of strong, three-layer cardboard. Free space inside the pack is filled with styrofoam.

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