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Adastra Active 15W Weatherproof Horn Speaker

Product Code: AH15
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Product Details

Compact 15W Active Weatherproof Horn Speaker

Compact format active horn speaker with built-in amplifier for indoor or outdoor use. Constructed from high impact ABS material with IP66 protection for reliable operation in all environments. Fitted with an angle-adjustable bracket for convenient installation onto a wall or ceiling. Low voltage power and line level audio are connected via a single 4-core cable for simplified cable feed and connection. Designed for voice alerts in CCTV and security systems or as a self-contained add-on for existing public address installations.

  • Inbuilt amplifier circuit
  • Power from 12Vdc 1.2A (not supplied)
  • Power and line level input on a single cable
  • IP66 weatherproof

Power supply not included

Suitable PSU ADAP1200 or power can be taken from a CCTV 12V. supply

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