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Ambersil Tough Wipes

Product Code: TOUGHWIPES
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High absorbency hand wipes over-layered with a polymer web for all the deep cleaning power of pumice in a handy wipe.

Tough Wipes are industrial strength hand cleaning wipes that are capable of removing oil, grease, paint, ink and adhesives. The textured side of the wipe will gently but efficiently remove ingrained contamination. The smooth side of the wipe retains contamination and prevents re-soiling of the hands. Tough wipes are impregnated with an effective cleaning and conditioning solution designed to be gentle on hands but tough on contamination, therefore Ambersil Tough Wipes can assist in the prevention of skin disorders such as occupational dermatitis. Hands are clean and dry in one application, all without the use of water. Tough Wipes have been assessed under the Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 1996. Convenient, simple and safe to use, provide high absorbency – contamination stays on wipe, leaving hands dry, without stickiness. Combats Weils Disease, common bacteria and other infectious agents, being non hazardous to user or environment.

  • • Hand cleaning
  • • Removing difficult contaminants, such as adhesive, gasket residue, bitumen, silicone, ink, oil, grease, lubricants, paint
  • • Mobile or remote applications, such as service engineers
  • • General component or plant cleaning
  • • Highly effective on a range of soiling types: adhesives, grease, oil, tar, silicone, resins, paints, and more
  • • Contains anti-pathogen agents highly effective against common bacteria and viruses such as Weils Disease, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, and E.Coli. Passes BS 12054 (hand sanitising) and BS 1276 (surface sanitising)
  • • No contamination or lasting fragrance from heavy perfumes

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