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Network Cable Tester

Product Code: LANTESTER
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LAN Cable Tester

The tester helps installers to build LAN systems and service existing networks. It tests cable continuity, detects shorts circuits and incorrect connections. The device can be used for UTP/FTP cables terminated with RJ-45 connectors or for telephone cables terminated with RJ-11 phone plugs.

The set consists of two parts - the master and remote part (terminator) - that are used at the opposite ends of the tested cable. The FUNC button allows to choose one of two available modes. After plugging in the RJ-45 connectors of the cable to the adequate sockets of the main device and the terminator, and switching on the test, every wire is tested separately. In the case of FTP cable the testing also includes proper connection of the screen. The second mode (manual) is triggered by pressing and holding the FUNC button for about 2 seconds. To test next wire one has to press each time the FUNC key (for a short time). The results are shown by glowing LEDs.

The tester consists of two parts:

  • main part equipped with switch, LEDs, RJ45 and R11 sockets
  • auxiliary part (terminator) equipped with LEDs, RJ45 and RJ11 sockets

Battery is not included.

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