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Proception Flood Gb Ceiling AP

Product Code: FLOODAP
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Product Details

The Flood - 1200Mbps Ceiling Access Point.Dual Band,2.4GHz 5GHz Easy Setup... Scan two QR codes, answer six questions and click apply!

The Flood - 1200Mbps (300 900Mbps) ceiling access point, is dual band working on 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

  • 300 900Mbps,1200Mbsp 802.11ac
  • WAVE 2,
  • MIMO technology
  • Seamless Roaming and load balancing
  • Low noise PA & LNA, 48v PoE
  • Dual band high speed
  • 1200Mbps ceiling access point
  • Easy set up QR code method
  • Advanced features available
  • Local power option available

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