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Ubiquiti Loco5 AC 5 GHz Access Point

Product Code: UBILOCO5AC
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Ubiquiti NanoStation 5AC Loco Access Point

The Ubiquiti NanoStation 5 AC loco is a compact 5 GHz access point with support for the proprietary AirMax AC protocol, which is perfect for connecting to base stations at short and medium distances. The NanoStation AC loco is one of the most compact devices in the AirMax AC series, and is a great option for connecting to short to medium distance base stations.

Thanks to support for the latest AirMax AC polling protocol, which was created by Ubiquiti and patented specifically for use in its own new generation radio equipment, the access point throughput has reached 450 Mbps (with a channel width of 80 MHz and modulation 8x 256QAM 5/6).

The efficient TDMA scheme with the allocation of a personal time slot to all subscribers, used in AirMax AC, completely eliminates the occurrence of collisions - errors of simultaneous data sending. The power supply of the device is traditionally organized, via a gigabit Ethernet port according to the PoE 24 scheme.

Like other latest Ubiquiti equipment , NanoStation AC loco runs on the proprietary AirOs 8 operating system, with an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly configure all the necessary parameters - from power to encryption type, without tedious searching for the desired item in the menu.

Another important feature of the new device is the presence of a built-in WiFi module that makes it possible to connect to an access point from any mobile gadget and quickly configure it using the proprietary UMobile application , which is available for download in GoolePlay and AppStore.

NanoStation AC loco is an all-weather solution. However, due to its design appearance, the device can be used not only outdoors, but also in rooms, without spoiling the interior of the room with an alien man-made appearance. The range of permissible temperatures for the operation of NanoStation AC loco is from -40 to 70 degrees.

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