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THE BRIDGE Outdoor CPE/AP Single Band 900Mbps, 5GHz,11AC,18dBi QSDK 1 x WAN 1x LAN 10/100/1000Mbps IP66 rated, adjustable power LED configuration (No PC setup required)

The Bridge - 900Mbps Outdoor Access Point is single band working on 5GHz. This requires a 48V PoE Gb injector

6 Very simple steps to setup.

1. Connect the CPE to the network that they are going to be used on.

2. Using F and S buttons, Select (S) Slave on one unit.

3. Using F and S buttons, Select (M) Master on the other.

4. Double click the RST button on both units and the LED display will rotate.

5. After 2 mins the unitS will have bonded together.

6. Install where the units are going

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