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Ultimode Optical Power Meter

Product Code: OPM2
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Product Details

Ultimode OPM-2 optical power meter with VFL, RJ45 tester, LED flashlight

The Ultimode OPM-2 OPM-2 optical power meter is a device used to check the attenuation of the optical path of single- and multimode fiber optic networks. The meter is calibrated for measurements in 10 wavelengths: 850, 980, 1270, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1577, 1625, 1650 nm. So it can be used in various systems including GPON, GEPON, or xWDM. The measurement range of -70... 10 dBm with an accuracy of /-5% (for -10 dBm) allows you to accurately check your fiber optic system. The device has a function to record the reference value and measure the relative power in dB and the absolute power (mW, dBm).

The meter has an universal connector to plug in 2.5 mm ferrule plugs (SC, FC, ST). The illuminated, 3-line screen allows intuitive operation and easy reading of the required information. An important feature of the device is the possibility of the meter calibration by the user. This makes it possible to correct readings when they can be compared with a reference device.

The meter has a built-in visual fault locator (VFL) with a power of 1 mW. This element allows checking the continuity of the optical link and basic diagnostics of fiber optic defects at a distance of up to about 8 km. The laser power is sufficient for the test and at the same time safe for the installer's eyesight.

The network cabling tester (RJ45 connectors) allows you to verify continuity of wires in twisted-pair cables at a maximum distance of 300 m and the crimping of RJ45 connectors. Built-in LED flashlight can be a useful aid during installation.

Key features:

  • InGaAS detector
  • Measurement range: -70... 10 dBm
  • Measurement of 10 wavelengths (850, 980, 1270, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1577, 1625, 1650 nm)
  • Universal 2.5 mm connector
  • Possibility to measure relative or absolute power level
  • Reference measurement function
  • Possibility to manually calibrate indications
  • Built-in visual fault locator VFL 1 mW
  • Network cabling tester
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Battery power 2x AAA

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